It appears there may be issues with outward bound email due to upstream IP address allocations which have been blocked by certain Internet providers.

This has happened a few times and in an attempt to reduce the possibility of future issues we will be moving all sites onto a new IP address with a new address for the main mail server sending out mail for out clients. This should make our mail servers seperate from our main provider and isolate the spam sender blocking so as long as our own customers are not sending spam we will not be affected. Obviously if we do find spam being sent out through a clients account we will take the appropriate action to unblock the IP Ban , remove the spammer and pass the (considerab;le) costs of getting out IP adresses off any blacklists to those found resposible.

The IP address change should be assigned within the next few days and in most cases will not affect the working of the web sites or mail of our clients.
We will attempt to absorb the increased costs caused by the IP allocation within our current prices.

We wish all out clients a Happy New Year and look forward to continued success in 2016..


Friday, January 1, 2016

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